You expecting to run into much gunfire in these caves?

Well, it’s been three whole days and I’ve been staring at my stats for all three of them, because that’s what I do when I get a new blog. I obsess over page hits for a while, then (usually) taper off myself. I’m resolved to not do that this time. Mostly.

Anyway, in the last three days a lot of things have been done to help organise my departure in… 54 days. Wow. That is not much time at all. Still, I’ve sorted out my application forms (mostly, though Paderborn emailed me earlier and told me that they’re sending my information pack in the next few days anyway. I’m not gonna argue with that…), registered with LOCATE (if you’ve not done that, it might be a good idea just in case), and, most importantly of all, booked my flight to Düsseldorf on Tuesday 4th September!

I am very excited, though I am flying at seven in the morning, which means getting up at three or something to be driven allllllll the way to Birmingham Airport. Not cool. East Midlands is closer, but it’s also tiny and the flight was more expensive, so no.

(source) Mmm, Birmingham Airport…

So, flights are booked, the university knows I’m arriving and are sorting out my accommodation… There’s still plenty to do, but they’re the big worries out of the way: I can get there and should have somewhere to stay. There’s a few things left, of course; I have to go see my bank, have to sort out my phone contract… aaand, I have to get travel insurance, which is driving me up the wall.

It’s so difficult to find specialised insurance for the year abroad! I keep trying to take out annual cover, but most of them won’t let you go away for more than 60 days, which is just ridiculous. Endsleigh insurance doesn’t look too bad (it’s approx. £300 for my insurance, because I’m going to China as well as Europe), but I’m going to shop around. Thirdyearabroad has a good section on insurance (as they do on everything else) – and one of their articles is the reasoning behind why I’m going to get cover from 1st September 2012 to 1st September 2013: just in case I want to travel some more, or I get stuck, or whatever, I’m going to be well covered until I have to be back in England for final year.

Hm, I think that’s more or less it for now. I’ll update again soon, no doubt!

Bis später!

– Charlotte x

p.s. if my post titles seem weird, it’s because they’re all quotes from films. If you can guess them (without cheating!), well… I don’t have prizes, but you’ll win internet prestige?


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