No post on Sundays.

Well, this is a post on a Sunday, but OH WELL. I guess that just makes me Dumbledore.

Anyway, not a lot has happened since I last updated – apart from the arrival/departure of a heck of a lot of post here.

I finally sent off my application form to Paderborn (I sent them the electronic one ages ago, so it’s cool guys), so I’m hoping to hear from them soon. I want my little information packet like everyone else has! D: I also sent off my Student Finance declaration thingy, and I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that’ll all be fine – though no doubt, there will be some problem with it.

As for receiving: apparently our invitation letters from Beijing finally arrived! That’s great and exciting and means that (theoretically, though I won’t be) I can now get my visa sorted… If the letter was, you know, in my house, and not in the post office depot which I have been unable to get to the past couple of days. There was no one in to sign for it; and it’s not a big deal because I know that I will get my hands on it, but I just want all the information right now please.

Apart from all that, I got my vaccines checked this week, so that was awesome. (It wasn’t actually that bad; I only needed one ;D.) I really don’t know how to prepare from here. I’ve started tentatively buying things (like, jeans. And nail varnish. No one ever accused me of being uber-practical…!), but apart from that and packing, I don’t know what else to do with myself.

Ho-hum. It goes on. …Only 44 days left to go though. Eeek!


2 thoughts on “No post on Sundays.

    • Dumbledore is really that much of a badass 😉 I’ve been doing that in German as well; I was hoping to get through the series before I went away but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen now. I’m so glad the books got translated into so many languages – it makes it that much easier to motivate myself to study! 😀

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