He got lost, once, in his own museum!

Well, there’s only four days before I leave sunny England for what sounds like actually sunny Germany! I feel… somewhat prepared; I have a flight and insurance and accommodation, so there’s that, but a few problems have arisen.

The first one: my buddy from Paderborn contacted me a couple of days ago, saying she would sort out my keys and meet me at the airport/train station. Unfortunately, when I emailed her that I was arriving on the 4th, she told me that she wasn’t going to be in Paderborn! 😦 Apparently she’d already told the International Office though, so they should find me someone new. (I hope!)

Secondly, I went to look for my EHIC today (European Health Insurance Card, for anyone not in the EU) and found out that it expired. Ten months ago. Clearly, that’s my fault (it means it wasn’t even valid the last time I was in Germany and I took it with me at that!), but I can’t get another one for ten working days! It wouldn’t really be a problem – my mum’s said she’ll post it to me when it arrives – but to enrol at the university, I either need to bring proof of existing health insurance (which I don’t have) or show my EHIC as exemption. I’ve emailed the International Office to ask them if it’ll be okay for me to bring my real (expired) EHIC and the email I got from the NHS saying I’ve ordered a new one, just until my new one arrives. The NHS says that’ll be valid but I don’t know. I’m going to just have to wait and see what they say. I really hope it works out; I don’t want to pay an extra €60 a month for insurance! 😦

Aside from all of that, it’s looking good. I’ve been shopping today and bought some supplies; there’s more shopping planned for tomorrow, then Sunday and Monday are just hanging around the house (now I’ve finished at work that’s all I’ve been doing) and saying the last goodbyes.

Tea <3

Pictured above: supplies.

Oh, and at some point, I suppose I need to pack ;).


2 thoughts on “He got lost, once, in his own museum!

    • That’s all I see anyone taking; no wonder the rest of the world thinks all we do is drink tea and play cricket! 🙂 But yeah, the EHIC was a surprise… it never even occurred to me that it would expire. I’m hoping it’ll be alright, though.

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