To infinity and beyond!

With less than nine hours remaining in England, you’d think I’d be packed by now.

I am not.

Well, not totally. The suitcase is done (we had to go and buy a new one an hour ago and nearly ended up accidentally stealing four don’t even ask), but the hand luggage – mostly chargers and cameras and what have you – is strewn around the living room, waiting to be done.

I’ll get it sorted.

I fly at 7a.m., but from Birmingham, which is about an hour and a half away from where I live. Essentially, we’re leaving at three because I want to be there for when check in opens and I think we’re going to sit and have a coffee before I leave.

It’s slowly starting to hit me; I’m leaving for… well, I was going to put six months, but I’m coming back for Christmas, so like, four? Still, at uni I was going home every weekend or so to work, so this will definitely be a change.

I’m sure I can handle it.

… This is really happening. I’m sure I’ll put another post up in the airport when I’m waiting for the gate to open, so I’ll see you all then ;).

(In other news: my problem with the EHIC has been resolved; the International Office at Uni Paderborn, as far as I can see, is incredibly organised. I’ve been told as long as I have my old EHIC, that’s fine; and they’re sending someone else to pick me up from the train station because my buddy isn’t going to be there until Wednesday. It’s all coming together!)


One thought on “To infinity and beyond!

  1. Ahh, how exciting! I cannot wait to be sitting at the airport too :). I’m so jealous! And how could you have ever doubted Germany’s efficiency and organisation in sorting out your EHIC ;). haha. Good luck!

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