European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012 [An Overview – A Translation]

Hi, all! This is a translation of the post I wrote for the European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012 back in November, because I’m aware that not all my audience can read German or Mandarin. If you want to read the original (or just look at it!) you can do that here; I’m aware that there are a bunch of mistakes, and one day I’ll probably get around to fixing them, but that day is not today. So, enjoy~

Babel 12


Hello, everyone! Today is this “European Multilingual Blogging Day” and I applied to write in German and Mandarin. If you can read it, then that’s great. If not… I could possibly write a translation ;). So, let’s go:

A short overview of my travels (September 2012-November 2012)

September 2012
Munich (Oktoberfest)



October 2012



November 2012
Berlin (three day trip)



Berlin is my favourite German city. Because it’s the capital of Germany, it’s really large and there are a lot of people. Berlin is also a bit strange. Our hostel was in East Berlin, not far from the Berlin Wall. There were some beautiful pictures on the Berlin Wall, but some of them were also sad.

I also liked Cologne (especially the chocolate museum!), Düsseldorf and Wuppertal Zoo. I’ve got to visit Bonn too, but I don’t know when I’ll go there.

I’d like to visit these other cities (outside of Germany): Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna… But I don’t know whether I can.

Other things (only two!):

My favourite food

1) Schnitzel
We often go to a restaurant called “Feuerstein”. Schnitzel is cheap until 6 p.m., but I also eat it in the university canteen. I hope I can still eat schnitzel in England!

2) Currywurst
I love currywurst and it’s easy to make. You only need sausages, ketchup and curry powder. It’s also good with chips. We buy currywurst outside of Rewe (a supermarket) and the man who makes it has different hot sauces. Last time I didn’t have any hot sauce, but I think I will next time. I like spicy food. 😀

3) Hot chocolate
In England this is my favourite drink, especially in winter. In Germany, hot chocolate is very widespread and cheap. Today I had hot chocolate, it was really nice! There’s also another cafe where hot chocolate is a bit more expensive, but it’s thick like pudding. It’s so tasty!



At the cinema

We’ve also seen five films; some were good, some weren’t so good. The films are:

1) The Dark Knight Rises
I really liked this film and I’d already seen it in England. In Germany we watched it in German, but it wasn’t too difficult. I thought Bane’s voice was very interesting because the actor who dubbed his voice was soooooooooo good. (And naturally, quite funny!) I also really liked the film’s ending.

2) The Perks of Being a Wallflower
This was a very moving film, but I also really liked it. We cried a lot! I think that Emma Watson was great, though her accent was a bit strange. However, all the actors were very believable and I loved Ezra Miller; he was scarier in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”.

3) Argo
This film was my favourite of the films I’ve seen here. The actors were good, the story was good (and also very true to life!); the whole film was very tense. I hope that the film will win an Oscar. It’s not my all-time favourite, but I really liked it.

4) Killing Them Softly
I didn’t like this film. It was too violent, but very realistic. We were suprised, when we saw Brad Pitt. I can understand why people might like the film, but I didn’t like it – especially the final scene, where Brad Pitt explained the moral of the film to us.

5) The Man with the Iron Fists
When this film began, I thought I wouldn’t like it. I did like it. It was very violent, but the violence wasn’t realistic. Normally, I don’t watch Quentin Tarantino films, but my main problem with this one wasn’t the violence, but the actors. I thought the main actors weren’t very good, but that could just be me. However, I thought that it was a good film overall.

I think I’ve written a lot, but I could still write more! Now, I’m going. However, it was fun to write this entry. I think I’ll write another one like this before I go to China.

Until then! Goodbye!


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