Here We GO!

here we go penny

Well, it’s perhaps a little late, but Happy New Year everyone! 🙂 (新年快乐!Gutes neues Jahr!)

I’ve not been around much of late, I know – I still have a translation to write of that babel12 post and to write about Berlin, where I went in November. But I’m going to get to both of those in the next couple of days (or maybe even today) and then you’ll get some posts about snow and exams, which is pretty much my life up until the beginning of February.

I’m leaving sunny snowy Germany on the 4th February and heading off to smoggy sunny Beijing on the 24th, which is super exciting! 😀 There’s still a lot to do before then, of course, so expect updates here and there. (I have to get a visa at some point and I’m not sure how I do that, exactly. Google is going to be my best friend.)

So, I’ll be back bugging you all later ;). Bis dann!


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