Get your ass behind the yellow line!

Whew, so today’s post is going to be about the weekend in Berlin that I enjoyed back in… early November. I know, I know, I’m catching up.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Note: I’m writing this from memory and I can’t find the itinerary (if we had one; I don’t remember) so if there are things that are clearly wrong and you were on the trip with me, let me know. I’ve just spent 10 minutes looking for a sheet of paper I’m not even sure exists. I should have written this two months ago, you guys. Also, this is mostly pictures, so I’m sorry if it takes a while to load.

Berlin Friday09.11.2012: We got the bus at some ridiculously dark hour in the morning and had a pretty quiet journey to Berlin; I think not too many of us had slept the night before!

Finally, at about 2 p.m. (I think), we got to Berlin. The first thing we did was go to our hostel – which was only about a five minute walk from part of the east side of the Berlin Wall – and drop off our things.

We had organised our rooms and transport tickets (we had to be in groups for both) on the bus, so we picked our beds, left our things and went out for a little walk to what was left of the Berlin Wall near us (after we got some food, of course).

We went back to the hostel after that to meet up with everyone else and we all headed off to the Reichstag building together. A tour had been arranged for us, so we got shown all around the different parts of the building, including the main room where the German parliament meet! 🙂

After we’d been to the Reichstag building, we went out for dinner and then had drinks and played games in the hostel before a handful of us went out. We stayed out a long time before we headed back – I was about ready to fall asleep in the club!

Berlin Saturday

10.11.2012: I skipped breakfast in favour of sleeping (they wanted us to be up at nine!), but we had a bus tour at about half past ten, so I eventually rolled out of bed and got ready. The bus tour was very quiet – everyone was either exhausted or hung over – but we got plenty of pictures and in places we got off and had a little look around.

After the bus tour we had some free time before we were supposed to meet up for a tour of a museum – but we decided to skip that and have a look around Berlin and do some shopping instead. I bought a lot of souvenirs (keyrings and pens and books and this little rubber duck bear…).

Berlin Rubber Duck Bear

He’s so cute!

We went for food and then to Starbucks for coffee after that, where I managed to get a free cappuccino because someone couldn’t be bothered to claim theirs and as the woman told me, if I didn’t take it, they’d throw it out.


Yay, free coffee! (Ignore my weirdly amused face.)

I forget what we did immediately after this (we wandered around a department store for a while, looking at things we couldn’t afford, but it could have been earlier in the evening), but a bit later we headed back to the hostel and chilled out in our room for the rest of the night. (It might sound boring, but it wasn’t, and we were exhausted.)

Berlin Sunday11.11.2012: Our final day in Berlin. Due to the relaxing night in the night before, I actually made it to breakfast and had cheese sandwiches with more (philadelphia) cheese and some coffee. After breakfast, we packed up our rooms and stripped the beds, then went out to the bus, which was to take us to Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam.

Potsdam isn’t too far from Berlin so we were there pretty soon and had a few hours to walk around and look at the place. No one went inside, but the grounds were large enough to explore on their own and it was a nice day, so we had a leisurely walk and took lots of pictures :). Eventually we stopped to get a drink and some food and fed some to a bird that was hanging around near other tourists. There was a creepy little play area there too so we had a go on the see-saw and took some pictures again.

After we’d been around Sanssouci, we all got on the bus and took the long journey back home. (Though we stopped at a service station and got Burger King on the way!) It was, all in all, a great weekend – and I can’t wait to go back to Berlin again! 😀


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