Why so serious?

Another pretty short one: just a quick look into the life of an Erasmus student (me! – and be warned, it’s not all that interesting). So, here’s what I did today…

Approx. 11.00: Wake up. Decide to never drink again. Drag self to shower.

11.40: Washed, dressed, feel more human. Drink some water and watch an episode of Community. Think about the exam later.

12.00: Go over revision for exam (again). Find dictionary and pencil case, put in bag – nearly forgot to take a pen to Monday’s exam. Put music on and revise.

12.20: Arrange to get flat inspected on Monday. Consider the fact that this will at some point involve packing and cleaning. Suddenly revising doesn’t seem so bad.

13.40: Decide it’s probably time to go to the exam. Shoes on, coat on, iPod on. Head out to classroom.

13.50: Classroom not far. Massive lecture theatre, but it’s almost empty. Sit with other two Erasmus students. Feel a little concerned and under-prepared.

14.15: Exam begins (after much discussion and moving of people around). First exam requiring long written answers. Ask one of the nice Erasmus students for some paper – never thought to bring it. Look over exam questions. Not too bad.

14.18: Realise that getting to bring a dictionary is great. Should have picked up an English-German one as well as German-German. Understand questions, but can’t articulate answers.

14.30: Answers very short, but hopefully accurate. Understand why history was never a degree option that was properly considered.

15.15: Leave exam. Answered four questions; that’s 3 ECTS points. Not too bad.

15.30: Head back to flat and do some psychology work.

16.30: Get bored of work (am mostly procrastinating by this point). Sudden burst of energy; decide to put a wash on. Go and do that.


16.35: Come back down, set timer. Probably a good time to finish off my dossier – it’s due before 6. Re-read what’s already written and finish it off.

17.35: Timer goes off. Still finishing dossier.

17.55: Submit dossier. Go and get washing, put it out around room to dry. Feeling hungry. Look in kitchen. Decision not to venture out for rest of day outweighed by there being nothing to eat. Will buy food.

18.15: Go to Südring. Get money out. Buy all the flavoured milk in the world at Real.



18.25: Go to McDonalds. Buy a chicken burger meal. Return to flat.

18.35: Put another episode of Community on and eat dinner. Fail to understand why fast food is so good even when there’s nothing good in it.

19.10: Pull up psychology work. Looks boring. Procrastinate.

21.00: Decide work probably should be done. Start working properly.



23.00: Take a little break from work to drink some banana milk. Remember blog.

23.35: Actually start writing blog post. Realise Erasmus life sometimes can be very much like life at home. Also realise studying sucks. Come to conclusion that a more exciting day will be chosen for the next time a post like this is written.


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