Are you talkin’ to me?

Only a few more days left here, now.

Today’s post should be quite fun though – I’m going to teach you a little German. And by a little, I mean: things that we found especially useful, for whatever reason ;).

Let’s just jump straight in, shall we?

(Note: my pronunciation guides – in italics – are not perfect. They’ll help you get on the right track, though.)

Hallo: (hallo) Hello. You can say hi as well, plenty of people seem to use that.

Ja/Nein: (yah, nine) Yes and no, respectively. ‘Ja’ is used all the time, but as far as I’ve noticed, Germans don’t tend to use ‘nein’ pronounced exactly like that. As long as it’s clear you’re replying with a no, you can make some kind of ‘ne’ sound and they’ll get what you mean.

Genau: (g-en-ow) Exactly. When my keyboard broke last year and I couldn’t type ‘x’s, I started using this a lot on chat. It’s a nice little filler for you.

Natürlich: (nat-eur-lich << ‘ch’ always like in ‘loch’, not ‘cheese’) Naturally. Very similar to ‘genau’ and used about as often.

Ach so: (ah-ch soh) An expression of surprise. Not quite ‘oh, really?’, a little more ‘oh?’.

Ich hätte gern: (ich heh-te gern) I would like… You can use it in restaurants, etc., then if you don’t know the name of the food or whatever you’re after, just point.

Bitte/Danke: (bi-te, dan-keh) Please and thank you. ‘Danke’ I have heard quite often, but I think I use ‘bitte’ too much, if the looks I get are anything to go by.

zum Mitnehmen: (zuh-m mit-ney-men) To take away. Helpful if you’re eating out, but don’t want to stay there to eat.

Tschüss/Ciao: (ts-choo-ss << ‘ch’ like in ‘cheese’ but softer / chow) Both casual ways of saying goodbye. Yep, ‘ciao’ is Italian but they like to use it here too. You’ll probably hear both of them pretty much interchangeably.

Hmm, there’s so much more I could go through, but I think that’ll do. If you’ve got any more relevant suggestions (or just words/phrases you like or want to know!) then drop a comment. I’ll add them to the list! 🙂

good night apocalypse


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