I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

One of my favourite things about Germany is (surprisingly or not ;)) the food. In some ways I’d say it’s similar to English food, but there are also some specialties that I really enjoy. So I did a little hunt around the web to find some recipes – that hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult to make! 🙂

Schnitzel is basically a breaded meat steak – usually pork or chicken. I’ve had it in all kinds of different ways, but my favourite is from a restaurant called Feuerstein – they serve it with white asparagus, chips and hollandaise sauce. You can get it in all kinds of different ways though – it’s pretty versatile.

Here’s a basic schnitzel recipe.

I’ve mentioned currywurst before – it’s a popular kind of fast food in Germany and you can buy it pretty much anywhere. It’s essentially sausages in a sauce made of ketchup and other spices (mostly curry powder), so it’s easy to make at home. And it’s delicious, of course :D!

Here’s a basic currywurst recipe.

Reibekuchen are a type of potato pancake and they’re really popular snacks at the Christmas markets – we ate soooooooo many of them! 🙂 They’re usually served with apple sauce on the side, and the recipe I’ve found also has a recipe for the sauce.

Here’s a recipe for reibekuchen and apple sauce.

Spezi isn’t food, it’s a drink – essentially, fanta mixed with coke to make orange cola. There’s a couple of brand names in Germany; Schwip Schwap and Mezzo Mix seem to be the most popular; but it’s simple to make at home: get some coke, get some fanta, mix them together and voila! Spezi :).

Mmmm, I’m hungry now. Off to eat dinner. Until tomorrow! 🙂


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