Goodbye, sweet hat.

This was always intended to be the final post in my week of posting (which, I know, ten days now); just a final goodbye and photos of the good times we had while away. I’ll miss you all – thank you for letting me share such a wonderful time with you; and, I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever it is that you’re going on to do! 🙂

goodbye image

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, sweet hat.

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  2. OMG these posts of yours were really helpful. I’m Sandesh and I will be going to University of paderborn this semester as a part of tgethe exchange program. Now I do hav a clear picture about how life is going to be there thanks to you 🙂

    Is there some way we can stay in touch ? Maybe you could help me around a bit in the beginning 🙂

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