Now all of China knows you’re here.

你们好!Well I’ve been in China for a little over a month now – though it only feels like a few weeks! – and I thought it was time to give you all an update about what I’ve been up to.

Honestly, not a lot. I spent the first week getting over my jet lag (which just included a lot of sleeping…) and from then on, I’ve had classes every weekday and have spent my afternoons doing work and generally hanging around.

Despite my rather boring existence, I do have a little bit to talk about – and a few pictures to share, too :).

First of all, in typically British fashion, there’s the weather. I wouldn’t bring it up if it wasn’t really important, honestly!

Basically, last Wednesday, I woke up to this.


Snow! And I know, I’ve heard that the UK has had a lot of it, so I guess it’s not that strange. What was stranger was that exactly one week later, the temperature had reached this…


And it looked like this:


What’s going on, Beijing? The weather is crazy here! It’s heading into spring though, so I’m looking forward to a bit more warmth and hopefully not so much smog.

This was the smog a couple of weeks ago… (and that’s not even that bad!)

But yes, aside from the weather, I’ve been (as I said) going to class, which is a lot of work (classes start at 8! In the morning!) and I’ve also joined the gym. What? I hear you cry, disbelieving – yes, I know, I’m not an exercise person, but the spinning classes are pretty fun and considering the lack of exercise I was doing in Germany, I thought it was about time I got up and did some here.

Especially when the food looks this good.

IMG_1419Look at how delicious they look! And they’re cheap! All that cost us the equivalent of about £1.50 :D. I’ve been eating out every day because I have no real kitchen (there’s one in the dorms but it’s not got an oven and I can’t be bothered to cook), but also because it’s just as cheap. Even places like McDonald’s are cheaper here than they are at home.

Aside from class and homework and food, I’ve been to a couple of events because I’m a scholarship student here and they put on some interesting extra things for us. The Thursday before last, for example, we did some Chinese calligraphy and painting.


Ha, I’m no artist, but it was really fun to do. There’s a calligraphy class they run here but I never signed up for it (and it cost extra money), but I hope I get a chance to do some more of this at some point.

Last Thursday, we had another event where we got to try different types of Chinese tea – and there are a lot. We tried green tea, white tea, black tea (which is darker than regular tea and so bitter!) and got to learn about how, exactly, you’re supposed to prepare and serve it.

IMG_1441 IMG_1443

It was quite interesting really, and those little taster cups only hold about a mouthful, so if we didn’t like the one we tried, it didn’t matter all that much.

I’m going to add another post about last weekend (this was supposed to be up last Thursday, but my internet connection is super slow and I had to fight with it to upload the images. Plus, I have to use a VPN to get on wordpress, so that’s always fun), but tomorrow I’m heading off to Xi’an – so there should be another post this weekend, too (with lots of pictures!).

Just one final thing: this is the best thing ever. Why they don’t serve it in KFC in the UK, I’ll never know:


It’s coffee with ice cream in it!

emma stone this is the best

I’m not even joking.


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