Well, I’m not saying I’d like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.

So, catch-up post number two: May edition! Featuring my trips to Beijing Zoo, the Temple of Heaven and Chaoyang Park!

Let’s start with the trip to the zoo…

3rd May – Beijing Zoo (北京动物园)

This trip was kind of a whim; I saw some people I’d met on the trip to Xi’an in the morning and they said they were going to the zoo that afternoon and did I want to go? Well, why not? I’d been before, the last time I was here, but I wanted some more pictures anyway and I do love seeing the pandas.

I’m always surprised by how cheap things are here, too. It only cost us 40 yuan to get into the zoo (about £5) and once inside, you don’t even really get ripped off that much for drinks, etc. It’s great! We had fun looking around too; the monkeys really did not like one of the guys with us and kept jumping at the glass to try to get at him!

It kind of reminded me of this:


But anyway, zoo pictures! 😀

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14th May – Temple of Heaven (天坛)

So last time I was here, though we visited the Temple of Heaven park (and that’s big enough in and of itself!) I never went in to see the temple – so we decided to amend that. It wasn’t a long trip; the temple is just off from the subway (though I got us a little lost, as per usual…) and it was hot so we just walked around and took pictures. And I bought some fun little touristy things, of course.

The temple is very beautiful, but it’s not a place I can ever see myself spending ages wandering around. That said, it was a nice sunny day so I got some half-decent photos ;).

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17th May – Chaoyang Park (北京朝阳公园)

So on the Friday, we decided to take a little trip out to Chaoyang Park, just to have a wander around and see what was out there. I figured it would just be the usual; trees, grass, probably a lake (they like lakes in their parks here), but it was so much better…

:DLook at that! Look at it! There were a whole bunch of rides and because there was barely anyone there, there was barely anyone on them! We went on that, a roller coaster (which wasn’t too great, BUT STILL), those swings that go really high and we were the only ones on the pirate ship so we got to sit at the very end (which is obviously the best place to sit :P).

The park, aside from the rides, is really beautiful as well. They have little boats you can take out on the lake and there are stalls everywhere selling all kinds of things. There’s even a Lego shop, for some reason. You can go for a walk there (it only costs 5 yuan to get in… so about 50p), or go on some fun rides, or try out some carnival-like games they had set up. It’s really a place I’d recommend visiting :).

Just a note: I have a lot still to talk about but not so much time to do it in, being as I’m leaving here next Friday (the 5th) and I want to do a week of posts to wrap up my time here, like I did in Germany. Also I may or may not have plans for this blog after that. But anyway, the next two posts will be about my trips to Shanghai and Inner Mongolia, so look out for those ;). Then expect to get spammed for a week. Fun times ahead~

captain shakespeare dancing

…because everyone needs Robert DeNiro in drag.


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