Then this is a very important week for you, isn’t it?

Wooh, so, I’ve still got those posts on Shanghai and Inner Mongolia coming your way (they’re long, they are taking time), but I decided that, much like when I left Germany, I would do a week of posts to commemorate my final seven days here.

So here’s the outline of the week (though hopefully I’ll throw the aforementioned trip posts in there at some point too, so you might end up with some bonus ones ;)):

Saturday 29th June: A post about badly translated signs I’ve seen (with some of my own pictures!).

Sunday 30th June: A post about shopping, and, more importantly, how to haggle when you get out to the markets here.

Monday 1st July: An ‘a day in the life’ style post – pictures and text about what a ‘typical’ day is like for me.

Tuesday 2nd July: Some Chinese (Mandarin) phrases that you might just find useful if you ever come here.

Wednesday 3rd July: Fooooooood. Some recipes (maybe – they’ll all be ones I found online) and I’ll finally reveal what my favourite Chinese food is. I know you’re all dying to know and that none of you have possibly guessed ;).

Thursday 4th July: Introspective type post or, potentially, an essay I need to send to the Confucius Institute here about life in Beijing.

Friday 5th July: Goodbyes! I’m flying at 07.35 Beijing time (00.35 at home), so I’ll probably be on the plane before the post even makes it to the blog.

So, enjoy~ I’ll be back tomorrow; for now I’m going to eat some cake and go to bed.

tiana exhausted


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