Time To Fly!

So I originally started this blog two years ago to document my year abroad. That went… well enough; the posts were kind of few and far between, but there’s still lots of pictures around and hopefully it’s helped someone, somewhere.

I’m reviving this place now to talk about what I’m going to do this year (and hopefully for a few years to come) – which is still travelling, yay!

My plan for this year is that I’m going to be working in Austria as a teaching assistant in two different schools near Vienna. That job begins around the 1st October, but today I’m flying out to Italy to visit some fun people and then I’m heading up to Graz to do my training and explore the city.

Hopefully I’ll be a little better with the updates; I have a lot of trips and ideas half-formed, so we’ll have to all see how this unfolds 😉

Until later, then!

(I also started a companion tumblr to this blog, which might be updated more frequently – and more inanely – if anyone has a tumblr and wants to follow?)


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