It’s Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas

Alright, so first of all, I know I’ve been awful at the whole keeping-on-top-of-this-blog thing. I don’t know what happened; I don’t feel like I’ve been that busy, but all of a sudden I’ve been here for 10 weeks and where did that time go?!

So I’m not really going to try and catch up on all of that because I don’t remember all of it (though I may blog about my trip to Bratislava at the beginning of November sometime soon) and because it would take a lot of blog posts that I don’t think anyone would really read.

Instead, let’s talk about Christmas!

I know, it’s only November – but some of the Christmas markets in Vienna opened as early as the 6th, so there’s that. I went to the one at the Museumsquartier that weekend (it only really had some drinks stands) and got my first cup of Punsch – and my first Christmas cup of 2014! It’s so cute, it has a little sleeping bear on it.

However, this last weekend I went to Linz to visit Mel and alllll the Christmas markets there have opened and it just looks so festive. (It wasn’t quite cold enough to feel festive at the weekend but it’s getting there this week!)

So yep, Friday I travelled to Linz – it’s a bit over an hour away on the train which was a fun journey apart from the bit where I had to sit in one of the doorways because most/all of the seats were reserved. The carriage I was sitting in was taken up entirely by a school of children going to Salzburg so I fled and turned my iPod up really loud.

I got to Linz and met Mel and we just went back to hers and chilled for a bit. It was quite nice to just relax – not that I’m super busy, but when I’m at mine I always feel like I should be doing something. We had a nice cup of tea and then met a couple of the USTAs – Matt and Leah – because we’d all made plans to see the new Hunger Games film together! 😀


Dinner first, at the Thai restaurant that Mel and I visited on my birthday (if you’re in Linz, go there! It’s called Coconut and the food is amazing and the service is so quick!) and then we headed off to the cinema a short bus ride away. Apparently in Austria they don’t let you into your screen until about five minutes before the start time, so we stood around outside and found this strange little set up they have there – there are two seats in the lobby of the Linz Cineplexx with a big screen in front of them. You sit in the seats and press the play button and it treats you to a ‘dynamic’ experience – this time of the new Hobbit trailer (which also looks amazing, by the way) – whereby the chair vibrates and tilts and does all sorts of weird things. It was actually very cool and got me in a good cinema-going mood. The last film I saw at the cinema I think was Guardians of the Galaxy in August. This is probably the longest time in six years I’ve gone without going to the cinema for such a long time as well-

But anyway, I’m not going to give anything away but I enjoyed the film (obviously) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop since, so yay! We also watched the whole thing in German and it wasn’t too hard to understand, which was nice to find out. After the film, we all wandered back to Mel’s, where we drank wine and played Bananagram which sounds weird when you say it with a British accent but totally works with an American one. The game itself is fun and we played three rounds before Matt had to head off and the three of us left decided to turn in.

Saturday, Leah went off to Vienna on a trip and Mel and I decided to just wander around Linz, check out the Christmas markets and do some window shopping. We had a look around SportsDirect (because they have that here?) as well as numerous shoe stores and a department store. We got some Punsch at one of the Christmas markets; though mine was unfortunately non-alcoholic (because I messed up), it looked quite pretty in the glass cup.

Those berries did not taste as nice as they looked. And they didn’t look that nice.

Having not really bought much (and getting told off by a lady selling cheese and various salamis for taking samples when we clearly weren’t going to buy anything), we went back to Mel’s in the afternoon and made delicious jacket potatoes for dinner. We stayed in for a bit (and watched both Pitch Perfect and Mean Girls) before deciding to head out to the Christmas market back on the Linz main square because they had some more interesting Punsch there. It looked really pretty at night, too!

Christmas lights!

Christmas lights!

I got Punsch made of white wine, rum, orange, almonds and walnuts – which was much nicer than it sounds – and another Christmas mug! They’re cheaper in Linz than in Vienna, too – though considering some of the prices in Vienna, that’s hardly surprising. After our fifteen minute Punsch outing, we headed back and that was that.

My train back was at 11.30 on Sunday so we basically got up and went out – and that was my weekend. (My Sundays consist of making sure I have lesson plans done for Monday – this week I had a grand total of 0 to do because the teacher had sent me lesson plans – and generally making sure I’m ready for the week. They do not usually consist of me going outside because nothing is open.)

I might try and get a post up about Bratislava (and its amazing food) in the next week – but I’m getting visitors next Thursday, so the next post will probably be about that~ Wooh! I’m glad to be blogging again. What’s a typical weekend like for you, anyway?



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