Oh yeah, I have this blog…

So the last time I posted here was in January.


Well, better late than never I guess?

Basically since the last post: I worked in Austria until May (and did a lot of travelling), then I went home in June and spent my summer teaching English online and generally being a bit lazy.

I’ve now been back in Austria for a month. I’m just gonna put a list here of what I’ve done so far and then hopefully I’ll be updating weekly (Wednesdays are my day off, yay!) so there’ll be a little more from next week on.

Wiener Weinwandertag

So, in the past five weeks, I have:

  • been to the Weinwandertag – basically went for a walk around the vineyards in Vienna and drank some wine/Sturm outside. That was fun.
  • celebrated my birthday by going to the Wiesn (like Oktoberfest). This was awesome; it wasn’t as busy as I remember Oktoberfest being and we bought Dirndls so we looked the part!


(And we bought beer – we had to blend in!)

  • went for a bike ride along the Donau – and it was actually sunny, which was nice! The weather has been a bit hit-and-miss though, especially with all those early starts. 😦
  • been to my first ever silent disco, right next to the Rathaus (town hall). They had two different stations to choose from on the headphones, which was such a good idea – one of the DJs had much better music most of the time than the other.
  • been to Vapiano, like, three times. (I had a different meal each time though!)
  • done a photowalk through the Burggarten on what was likely to be the last sunny day of the year.
  • seen two of the museums (not 100% sure which ones as there are approximately 121304930001 museums in Vienna) lit up with cool designs (and went to another silent disco, which was not as great as the first).
  • been to the Kürbisfest (pumpkin festival) Am Himmel and had my first Glühwein of the season. I’m totally not counting down to the first Christmas Market opening next week…

Wien Leuchtet


  • taken another American to Primark for the first time.
  • taught a bunch of classes (and had a bunch cancelled on me).
  • started the preliminary plans for trips I want to take in the new year.
  • started making plans for what I want to do next year (a bit early, but oh well).

And I’ve generally had a lot of fun so far.

So I’ll be back next week, I guess. Bye!


5 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I have this blog…

  1. Sounds like hell lot of fun. Being abroad, blogging always comes a little more difficult. There are so many new and amazing things to do instead 🙂

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