Alright, it’s been a week since I last posted here and I’m back! Yay! It’s been a pretty busy week, too – although I haven’t been at school since last Thursday, I was doing stuff up until Sunday and since then I’ve been enjoying my days off (I am not looking forward to the early start ahead of me tomorrow).

So here’s a basic outline of what I did:

  • Thursday: school and pre-Halloween shopping.
  • Friday: Melk and pre-Halloween Halloween party.
  • Saturday: ACTUAL Halloween.
  • Sunday: post-Halloween chill day (w/lots of food).
  • Monday-Wednesday: basically nothing; I have watched a lot of Netflix.

For more information, onwards!

Autumn Leaves

So Thursday I went to school, but I spent the whole day really aware of the fact that after midday (ish) I’d be done for six days… so it was fun but I was much more concerned about that. I then went on a hunt for the free bus to the shopping centre and we did some shopping – for Halloween costumes (Primark was surprisingly terrible, they had nothing!) and much needed items (like a bag that will actually fit my school stuff in).

That was basically Thursday; Friday Matt and I had decided to go to Melk. I went there last year too but I figured I’d like to go back, especially since it doesn’t really cost me anything to take the train.

Melk is a market town in Lower Austria that’s particularly famous because of the giant abbey that sits above the town – and I figure that it was painted yellow because if it was a dark colour it would literally look like every horror/dark fantasy cliche going.


(And yeah, it’s almost always grey in Lower Austria).

Still, as it stands the abbey is very pretty, so we took some photos and had a wander around the town and got some lunch before we headed up there. Entry to the abbey and the gardens and everything else is 10€ for an adult without a tour, so we went in and walked through. It’s interesting, especially to see the old plans for it being built; there’s a model of it in one room with the town below and that’s really cool.

There are also lots of religious artifacts, including a full set of bishop’s clothes (I don’t know what they’re called and I forgot to take a photo, so…), which are just so impressive because of the detail – they were made in the 1700s, so no embroidery machines here!

We went outside and took some photos of Melk from above with the lovely foggy background and then it was back inside for my favourite part.

Melk, NÖ

My favourite part, of course, being the library…

… Which is also the one place you can’t take pictures! 😥

(I took this one from wikipedia.)

Look at that! That library is huge and exactly what I want in my future house.

After the library is the church (which I may have forgotten about in my excitement, but then there are a lot of churches in Austria, come on), which is also pretty impressive…

Melk Abbey Church

They have catacomb saints in there too, which I think are cool.

After we’d finished at Melk we headed back to Vienna to (rush and) get ready for the pre-Halloween Halloween party at one of the USTA’s houses. There were a lot of fun things at that party but then there was also a dog so I was busy hanging out with the dog for a lot of it. He was so calm! He just stood there and wanted stroking! So I hung out with the dog (and some people occasionally) and ate snacks and yeah, it was a really good time.

Note to self: dogs only increase a party’s fun level.

Saturday was actual Halloween and so most of the day was spent doing nothing, although one of the TAs from last year had come back to visit so we went to Vapiano (again). We spent a few hours there chatting and then all split to get ready to go out on Halloween night. The original plan was to go to Praterstern and check out the zombie parade but we’d spent so much time out in the day that we missed that, so we just all met up and looked up some bars to go to instead.

That was a fun night too; everywhere was basically fun but everyone (more or less) was in costume and I had a really good time. I missed my night bus and had to do a bit of a run around to get home though (it ended up taking like an hour and a half) but that’s pretty normal so it’s not like it ruined anything.

Sunday then became a chill day and I headed out to Schönbrunn in the afternoon (accompanied) to get some food and take some pictures. I think I took like six or seven photos in total – sunset is so early now – and then we went to find a shop to get snacks and went to watch TV.


Yesterday and today I’ve been the only one off so I have watched a lot of Netflix (all of American Horror Story season three…) but I’m back to school tomorrow. Really looking forward to that 05:30 wake up. 😉

So, until next week!


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