Other Year Abroad Bloggers

If you’ve managed to get here, you’ve probably come from either twitter, or the Top of the Blogs 2012-2013 post on thirdyearabroad.com. If you’ve not been to that page, you really should. There are a lot of bloggers going to different countries. If you want even more advice, you could also check out the blogs from the year before!

Otherwise, I have the following recommendations:

From my University:

Chris – The Wurst is Yet to Come (going to Rostock, Germany)
Dave – Here Today Bonn Tomorrow (going to Hamburg, Germany)
Olivia – Olivia’s German Journal (going to Cambs, Germany)
Heather – Itchy Feet (going to Madrid, Spain)
Jess – JessicaIsabelBlog (going to Munich, Germany)

These are just other blogs I’ve read and liked, so they could be going to all sorts of weird and wonderful places 😉

Emma – Emma in Euroland (going to Erfurt, Germany)
Hannah – A Theologian in Canada (going to Ottawa, Canada)
Larousse – Fecking Off to France Because I’m a Bad Friend (going to Toulouse, France)


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