Photo101: Day One: Home

Mir wurde nur heute klar, dass ich in Österreich mehr als einen Monat wohnte. Ich bin so beschäftigt – ich musste so viel tun – dass ich keine Zeit hatte, Heim zu vermissen.

I’ve only realised today that I’ve been living in Austria for over a month; but then, I’ve been so busy – I’ve had to do so much – that I’ve had no time to miss home.


Wir besuchten heute Melk und, als ich zu Hause kam, kaufte ich diesen Becher Kakao Milch. “Ein Schluck Heimat” ja, das ist süß, aber ich erinnere mich an Deutschland, wo ich fast jeden Tag Kakao Milch trank. Tee ist meine Erinnerung Heimat – oder heiße Schokolade mit Schlagsahne.

Today we visited Melk and when I came back, I bought this carton of chocolate milk. The tagline – “Ein Schluck Heimat” – a sip of home – it’s sweet, but I just remember Germany, where I drank chocolate milk almost every day. Tea reminds me of home – or hot chocolate with whipped cream.


Allerdings habe ich eine Wohnung hier und ich mag sie. Das Gebäude sieht jetzt besser aus, als vor vier oder fünf Tagen, weil als ich nach Österreich ankam, wurden die Balkone gebaut. Letzte Woche wurde das Gerüst abgebaut, aber das Wetter ist zu kalt, ich muss in meinem Zimmer bleiben. Natürlich vermisse ich meine Heimat, aber ich wählte nach Österreich zu kommen und ich lernte meine neue Wohnung kennen. Ich werde hier bis mindestens Ende Mai bleiben und ich bin damit zufrieden.

However, I have a flat here and I like it. The building looks better than it did four or five days ago because when I came to Austria, the balconies were being built. Last week the scaffolding was taken down but the weather is too cold, so I have to stay in my room. Of course I miss my home, but I chose to come to Austria and I’ve got to know my new flat. I’m going to be here until the end of May and I’m happy with that.


Dieser war der erste Beitrag von diese “Photography 101” Serie. Ich versuche auf Deutsch zu schreiben, weil ich in Österreich bin und möchte mein Deutsch verwenden und verbessern. Lass mir wissen, wenn du Fehler siehst – oder wenn du einfach den Beitrag magst!

This was the first entry from this “Photography 101” series. I’m trying to write in German because I’m in Austria and would like to use and improve my German. Let me know if you see mistakes – or if you simply like the entry!


5 Things I Learnt About Italy (From Four Days in Venice)

So, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks now; I’ve been to Venice for a few days to visit friends, to Graz to do my job training and as I’m writing I’m sitting in the lobby of my hostel in Vienna – having found somewhere to live yesterday, wooh! I started writing this a couple of weeks after my arrival in Italy, and then promptly forgot about it/got caught up in trying to sort my life out. So it’s long overdue. This post is just going to be about my first four days in Italy, but I’ll have more done soon, hopefully.

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Time To Fly!

So I originally started this blog two years ago to document my year abroad. That went… well enough; the posts were kind of few and far between, but there’s still lots of pictures around and hopefully it’s helped someone, somewhere.

I’m reviving this place now to talk about what I’m going to do this year (and hopefully for a few years to come) – which is still travelling, yay!

My plan for this year is that I’m going to be working in Austria as a teaching assistant in two different schools near Vienna. That job begins around the 1st October, but today I’m flying out to Italy to visit some fun people and then I’m heading up to Graz to do my training and explore the city.

Hopefully I’ll be a little better with the updates; I have a lot of trips and ideas half-formed, so we’ll have to all see how this unfolds 😉

Until later, then!

(I also started a companion tumblr to this blog, which might be updated more frequently – and more inanely – if anyone has a tumblr and wants to follow?)

Excuse me; I have some shopping to do.

Shopping, shopping shopping. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? 😉 Certainly not me, judging by all the things I’ve bought since I’ve been here…



...I need to stop.

…I need to stop.

So I thought it might be a good idea to put a post together that just talks about shopping in Beijing – where to go, what you can buy and, most of all, how to haggle! 🙂

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Yes, I can read the sign; I’m just pondering the implications

Today is day one of my week of posts, so I hope you’re all looking forward to it!

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Then this is a very important week for you, isn’t it?

Wooh, so, I’ve still got those posts on Shanghai and Inner Mongolia coming your way (they’re long, they are taking time), but I decided that, much like when I left Germany, I would do a week of posts to commemorate my final seven days here.

So here’s the outline of the week (though hopefully I’ll throw the aforementioned trip posts in there at some point too, so you might end up with some bonus ones ;)):

Saturday 29th June: A post about badly translated signs I’ve seen (with some of my own pictures!).

Sunday 30th June: A post about shopping, and, more importantly, how to haggle when you get out to the markets here.

Monday 1st July: An ‘a day in the life’ style post – pictures and text about what a ‘typical’ day is like for me.

Tuesday 2nd July: Some Chinese (Mandarin) phrases that you might just find useful if you ever come here.

Wednesday 3rd July: Fooooooood. Some recipes (maybe – they’ll all be ones I found online) and I’ll finally reveal what my favourite Chinese food is. I know you’re all dying to know and that none of you have possibly guessed ;).

Thursday 4th July: Introspective type post or, potentially, an essay I need to send to the Confucius Institute here about life in Beijing.

Friday 5th July: Goodbyes! I’m flying at 07.35 Beijing time (00.35 at home), so I’ll probably be on the plane before the post even makes it to the blog.

So, enjoy~ I’ll be back tomorrow; for now I’m going to eat some cake and go to bed.

tiana exhausted

Well, I’m not saying I’d like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.

So, catch-up post number two: May edition! Featuring my trips to Beijing Zoo, the Temple of Heaven and Chaoyang Park!

Let’s start with the trip to the zoo…

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