Okay, so I thought I’d have a little blog makeover and take the opportunity to redo my language resources pages because honestly, they’re lacking a lot of the things I use pretty regularly.

However, I didn’t want to just give resources for Mandarin and German because I’m aware that, one, there are people out there learning other languages (I dabble in some others from time to time myself!) and two, I have some resources on both pages that are really much more general than I’m making them out to be. So, this will be my ‘general’ resources page, though there are links to the German and Mandarin ones as well.


memrise – this website uses a spaced repetition system to help you learn words quickly and you accumulate points to keep yourself motivated. It’s handy if you need to learn a lot of words in a short time (say, for an exam you have coming up), but I find making my own personalised sets much harder since they’ve switched over to the new interface. Still, it’s addictive and quite fun!

anki – anki is similar to memrise, except it’s software, so you download and install it and then you can use it whenever and where ever you like. The normal version on the website is free to install, but I think the iOS app is something like £15, which is a pretty hefty sum. I find this one easier to make my own word lists, though there are still plenty of shared decks you can download from a database on the website. Again, it uses a spaced repetition system, so you know you’re going to get those words learned.



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