The following is a list of resources that I’ve found useful when learning Mandarin – and that I hope you will, too! 🙂 I’ll come back and update this every so often, so if there’s not much here right now, there will be eventually.

viki – on this site, you can watch loads of Mainland/Taiwan tv shows and films, the majority of which have English subtitles. It is kind of open-source – if you have an account, you can start subtitling something – so sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but any language exposure is good language exposure, so you should get watching! The site’s also good for Korean and Japanese shows, but I’m not so sure about European languages. 

nciku – this is my favourite online Mandarin dictionary (I have pleco on my phone, because I’m too cheap to spend £5.49 on an app…), mainly because it has a little feature that lets you draw in the character you’re after. Plus, it has sample sentences and conversations and a whole members part of the site that I’ve not really explored. However, the site can run slow at times, so it’s good to have another dictionary on hand, just in case.


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