Alright, it’s been a week since I last posted here and I’m back! Yay! It’s been a pretty busy week, too – although I haven’t been at school since last Thursday, I was doing stuff up until Sunday and since then I’ve been enjoying my days off (I am not looking forward to the early start ahead of me tomorrow).

So here’s a basic outline of what I did:

  • Thursday: school and pre-Halloween shopping.
  • Friday: Melk and pre-Halloween Halloween party.
  • Saturday: ACTUAL Halloween.
  • Sunday: post-Halloween chill day (w/lots of food).
  • Monday-Wednesday: basically nothing; I have watched a lot of Netflix.

For more information, onwards!

Autumn Leaves

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And almost everything you’ll see is eatable, edible. I mean, you can eat almost everything.

I meant to get this up yesterday, but WordPress wouldn’t let me log in (again!) so it’s a day late. Anyway, this is basically what we did between the end of October and last Saturday: we went to Köln (and to the chocolate museum there), went out all dressed up for Halloween and then went to Wuppertal Zoo last Saturday :).

Let’s begin, shall we?

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