Alright, it’s been a week since I last posted here and I’m back! Yay! It’s been a pretty busy week, too – although I haven’t been at school since last Thursday, I was doing stuff up until Sunday and since then I’ve been enjoying my days off (I am not looking forward to the early start ahead of me tomorrow).

So here’s a basic outline of what I did:

  • Thursday: school and pre-Halloween shopping.
  • Friday: Melk and pre-Halloween Halloween party.
  • Saturday: ACTUAL Halloween.
  • Sunday: post-Halloween chill day (w/lots of food).
  • Monday-Wednesday: basically nothing; I have watched a lot of Netflix.

For more information, onwards!

Autumn Leaves

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Oh yeah, I have this blog…

So the last time I posted here was in January.


Well, better late than never I guess?

Basically since the last post: I worked in Austria until May (and did a lot of travelling), then I went home in June and spent my summer teaching English online and generally being a bit lazy.

I’ve now been back in Austria for a month. I’m just gonna put a list here of what I’ve done so far and then hopefully I’ll be updating weekly (Wednesdays are my day off, yay!) so there’ll be a little more from next week on.

Wiener Weinwandertag

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Three Days in (w)Innsbruck

After a pretty chilled first weekend back in Austria, I thought it was time to shake things up a little – and put my Österreichcard to good use – and so last weekend I, and several friends/fellow TAs – went to Innsbruck!

For those of you who know nothing about Innsbruck you can just read about it here, but basically, it’s the fifth biggest city in Austria (with a population of less than 125,000 people) and located in the west, about a four hour train ride from Vienna. It’s the capital city of the state of Tirol and, most importantly, it has mountains.




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Willkommen (zurück) in Österreich!

I’ve been back in Austria for ten days now and everything is more-or-less the same as when I left it.

Well, the Christmas markets have packed up, which has made all the cities look a little bare and drab, but on the bright side, it’s been kind of sunny and much warmer than it is supposed to be. (Which has, unfortunately, meant very little snow, boo!)

I’ve spent the last week and a bit getting back into the swing of lessons, trying to sort out my new tutees (totally a word) and attempting (yet failing miserably) to fight off that weird wave of hibernation-type behaviour that always hits this time of year, where all I do in that mid-afternoon slump is eat and nap.

The lessons are going mostly well – although some kind of police action (I cannot for the life of me work out what the train lady was saying over the speaker) meant that my train stopped on Tuesday at a different town and we all had to get off, then wait for a replacement bus – which, when it did arrive, wasn’t supposed to be taking us to where we were all heading (though the driver relented when the middle-aged woman sitting behind him yelled at him about it for ten minutes), ultimately resulting in me missing one of my lessons. However, I did get to stand at the front of the bus (by the front, I mean pressed up against the windscreen) and admire the pretty views of the valleys as the driver raced his bus down twisty country roads. So that was an adventure.

But yes, school is generally good. I’m enjoying it, the students are mostly engaged (except when they’re not – but there’s not much I can do about it sometimes) and I get on with the teachers. I’m also keeping my weekends full so that I don’t just end up hanging around my flat with nothing to do, as does happen on occasion.

Last weekend, for instance, I travelled to Linz (as is a common occurrence for me) and chilled out with everyone there all weekend. Today I’m heading off to Innsbruck (which I am very excited about because SNOW and also it’s supposed to be a very nice city) and then Munich the weekend after with the final weekend of January culminating in a trip to Rome (yay!). I then have the whole first week of February off as my semester break, though I’m not 100% sure of what I’m doing yet. Still, I’ll think of something.

But yes, I think that’s more or less it for now. I’m sure there’s much more I’ll want to add later and I know a lot more has happened, but I’ll deal with it another time. For now, I hope everyone’s enjoying their January. I know it can be kind of boring, but we’re already halfway through it! 🙂

Photo101: Day Three: Water

Also, ich machte dieses Foto nicht heute, sondern am Montag, als ich nach Stift Melk fuhr. Ich fand es heute und ich dachte, dass es ganz schön ist und auch ein bisschen entspannend.

Okay, so I didn’t take this photo today, I took it on Monday when I went to the abbey in Melk. I found it today and thought that it’s quite pretty and also a bit relaxing.


Es gibt viele Kunstausstellungen bei das Stift (in einem Zimmer gab’s einen Sarg, der die Whistleblower Edward Snowden und Chelsea Manning darstellte), aber diese war eine der schönste und mit dem Nebel kam eine fremde Atmosphäre.

There are lots of art exhibitions at the abbey (in one room there was a coffin that was supposed to represent the whistle blowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning), but this was one of the most beautiful and seeing it in the fog created a kind of strange atmosphere.

Wir diskutierten auch die Gestein – in diesem Bild, ich mag die Spiegelung der Gestein in dem Wasser. Und ich werde mich von diesem Bild meistens erinnern, dass es jetzt echt Herbst ist!

We talked about the rocks as well – in this picture, I like the reflection they make on the water. And what I’ll take away most from this picture is the fact that now, it really is autumn!

Photo101: Day Two: Street

Ich machte heute wieder zwei Fotos (… vielleicht mehr als zwei, aber ich habe zwei gewählt) und ich war heute glücklich, weil es war ein bisschen sonniger als dieses letztes Wochenende.

I took two photos again today (… possibly more than two, but I’ve chosen two) and today I was happy because it was a bit sunnier than this last weekend.

IMG_4075Die Straße hier ist in Baden, in der Nähe eine meiner Schule. Es ist nie so betriebsam da, aber sie vorbereiten schon für Weihnachten. Die Lichter waren letzter Dienstag nicht da!

The street here is in Baden, near one of my schools. It’s never so busy there, but they’re already preparing for Christmas. The lights weren’t there last Tuesday!

IMG_4079Heute musste ich auch zur Bank gehen und ich machte dieses Foto auf dem Heimweg. Man kann auf der Straße gehen, aber ich gehe lieber auf diesem Weg, durch die Bäume. Ich hoffe, dass das Wetter ein bisschen wärmer bleibt – aber ich freue mich auf den Schnee!

Today I had to go to the bank as well and I took this photo on the way home. You can walk on the street, but I prefer to take this path through the trees. I hope that the weather stays a little warmer – but I am looking forward to the snow!


Mein zweiter Beitrag für die “Photography 101” Serie. Ich habe diese Fotos nicht manipuliert (gestern benutzte ich Instagram) und ich habe mein iPhone benutzt, sie zu machen. 

My second entry for the “Photography 101” series. I’ve not manipulated these photos (I used Instagram yesterday) and I used my iPhone to take them. 


Photo101: Day One: Home

Mir wurde nur heute klar, dass ich in Österreich mehr als einen Monat wohnte. Ich bin so beschäftigt – ich musste so viel tun – dass ich keine Zeit hatte, Heim zu vermissen.

I’ve only realised today that I’ve been living in Austria for over a month; but then, I’ve been so busy – I’ve had to do so much – that I’ve had no time to miss home.


Wir besuchten heute Melk und, als ich zu Hause kam, kaufte ich diesen Becher Kakao Milch. “Ein Schluck Heimat” ja, das ist süß, aber ich erinnere mich an Deutschland, wo ich fast jeden Tag Kakao Milch trank. Tee ist meine Erinnerung Heimat – oder heiße Schokolade mit Schlagsahne.

Today we visited Melk and when I came back, I bought this carton of chocolate milk. The tagline – “Ein Schluck Heimat” – a sip of home – it’s sweet, but I just remember Germany, where I drank chocolate milk almost every day. Tea reminds me of home – or hot chocolate with whipped cream.


Allerdings habe ich eine Wohnung hier und ich mag sie. Das Gebäude sieht jetzt besser aus, als vor vier oder fünf Tagen, weil als ich nach Österreich ankam, wurden die Balkone gebaut. Letzte Woche wurde das Gerüst abgebaut, aber das Wetter ist zu kalt, ich muss in meinem Zimmer bleiben. Natürlich vermisse ich meine Heimat, aber ich wählte nach Österreich zu kommen und ich lernte meine neue Wohnung kennen. Ich werde hier bis mindestens Ende Mai bleiben und ich bin damit zufrieden.

However, I have a flat here and I like it. The building looks better than it did four or five days ago because when I came to Austria, the balconies were being built. Last week the scaffolding was taken down but the weather is too cold, so I have to stay in my room. Of course I miss my home, but I chose to come to Austria and I’ve got to know my new flat. I’m going to be here until the end of May and I’m happy with that.


Dieser war der erste Beitrag von diese “Photography 101” Serie. Ich versuche auf Deutsch zu schreiben, weil ich in Österreich bin und möchte mein Deutsch verwenden und verbessern. Lass mir wissen, wenn du Fehler siehst – oder wenn du einfach den Beitrag magst!

This was the first entry from this “Photography 101” series. I’m trying to write in German because I’m in Austria and would like to use and improve my German. Let me know if you see mistakes – or if you simply like the entry!