Willkommen (zurück) in Österreich!

I’ve been back in Austria for ten days now and everything is more-or-less the same as when I left it.

Well, the Christmas markets have packed up, which has made all the cities look a little bare and drab, but on the bright side, it’s been kind of sunny and much warmer than it is supposed to be. (Which has, unfortunately, meant very little snow, boo!)

I’ve spent the last week and a bit getting back into the swing of lessons, trying to sort out my new tutees (totally a word) and attempting (yet failing miserably) to fight off that weird wave of hibernation-type behaviour that always hits this time of year, where all I do in that mid-afternoon slump is eat and nap.

The lessons are going mostly well – although some kind of police action (I cannot for the life of me work out what the train lady was saying over the speaker) meant that my train stopped on Tuesday at a different town and we all had to get off, then wait for a replacement bus – which, when it did arrive, wasn’t supposed to be taking us to where we were all heading (though the driver relented when the middle-aged woman sitting behind him yelled at him about it for ten minutes), ultimately resulting in me missing one of my lessons. However, I did get to stand at the front of the bus (by the front, I mean pressed up against the windscreen) and admire the pretty views of the valleys as the driver raced his bus down twisty country roads. So that was an adventure.

But yes, school is generally good. I’m enjoying it, the students are mostly engaged (except when they’re not – but there’s not much I can do about it sometimes) and I get on with the teachers. I’m also keeping my weekends full so that I don’t just end up hanging around my flat with nothing to do, as does happen on occasion.

Last weekend, for instance, I travelled to Linz (as is a common occurrence for me) and chilled out with everyone there all weekend. Today I’m heading off to Innsbruck (which I am very excited about because SNOW and also it’s supposed to be a very nice city) and then Munich the weekend after with the final weekend of January culminating in a trip to Rome (yay!). I then have the whole first week of February off as my semester break, though I’m not 100% sure of what I’m doing yet. Still, I’ll think of something.

But yes, I think that’s more or less it for now. I’m sure there’s much more I’ll want to add later and I know a lot more has happened, but I’ll deal with it another time. For now, I hope everyone’s enjoying their January. I know it can be kind of boring, but we’re already halfway through it! 🙂