Alright, it’s been a week since I last posted here and I’m back! Yay! It’s been a pretty busy week, too – although I haven’t been at school since last Thursday, I was doing stuff up until Sunday and since then I’ve been enjoying my days off (I am not looking forward to the early start ahead of me tomorrow).

So here’s a basic outline of what I did:

  • Thursday: school and pre-Halloween shopping.
  • Friday: Melk and pre-Halloween Halloween party.
  • Saturday: ACTUAL Halloween.
  • Sunday: post-Halloween chill day (w/lots of food).
  • Monday-Wednesday: basically nothing; I have watched a lot of Netflix.

For more information, onwards!

Autumn Leaves

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Photo101: Day Three: Water

Also, ich machte dieses Foto nicht heute, sondern am Montag, als ich nach Stift Melk fuhr. Ich fand es heute und ich dachte, dass es ganz schön ist und auch ein bisschen entspannend.

Okay, so I didn’t take this photo today, I took it on Monday when I went to the abbey in Melk. I found it today and thought that it’s quite pretty and also a bit relaxing.


Es gibt viele Kunstausstellungen bei das Stift (in einem Zimmer gab’s einen Sarg, der die Whistleblower Edward Snowden und Chelsea Manning darstellte), aber diese war eine der schönste und mit dem Nebel kam eine fremde Atmosphäre.

There are lots of art exhibitions at the abbey (in one room there was a coffin that was supposed to represent the whistle blowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning), but this was one of the most beautiful and seeing it in the fog created a kind of strange atmosphere.

Wir diskutierten auch die Gestein – in diesem Bild, ich mag die Spiegelung der Gestein in dem Wasser. Und ich werde mich von diesem Bild meistens erinnern, dass es jetzt echt Herbst ist!

We talked about the rocks as well – in this picture, I like the reflection they make on the water. And what I’ll take away most from this picture is the fact that now, it really is autumn!